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Here’s a List of Every Fireplace Channel (Yule Log)

Yule Log Background

The Yule log is a uniquely selected log that’s burnt in a hearth. It’s a winter tradition in Europe and more recently North America.

The holiday tradition of showing a fireplace on television started in 1966 when WPIX broadcast a burning Yule log to New Yorkers on Christmas Eve. The show was paired with classic holiday music from the station’s FM radio channel to amplify the holiday mood.

The popular program ran for 23 consecutive years before its cancellation in 1990. (The new manager was concerned about the cost of running an hours-long program without commercials.) 

Due to popular demand, The Yule Log returned to television in 2001 and has been televised every year since. Inspired by the popular original broadcast, many other stations and television services have developed their own holiday fireplace variations.

Some include Christmas music in the background while others play a soothing crackling sound to imitate a real fire. These shows generally range from one to four hours, although some videos last up to ten hours.

These shows are a great option to boost the holiday spirit in your home.

So, how do you go about getting the Yule Log (or another seasonally appropriate fireplace imitation) on your television? It depends on your TV provider, whether you have cable, satellite, or if you use streaming platforms.

Let’s take a look at which channels specifically have them.

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the virtual fireplace on my tv
A virtual fireplace on my TV. It’s difficult to tell from the photo, but the quality and sound was impressive and almost felt like it was a real wood fireplace.

Which Channels Have the Yule Log?


yule log on directv
Image source: DirecTV

With DirecTV, there are three ways to watch the Yule log on your television: Pay-Per-View, On-Demand, and streaming online. 

  • Go to channel 165 for the Yule log on pay-per-view
  • Go to channel 1000 to view the Yule log On-Demand
  • Stream the Yule log online at


the fireplace channel on spectrum tv

Spectrum TV features a Yule log on the Ambient Channel. To access this, go to TV Shows, then View All. Here you will find a collection of holiday photos and videos with Christmas music in the background. 

As with other cable providers, you can also access the Yule log On-Demand on channel 1000. 


DISH Holiday Fireplace is on channel 456, usually reserved for pay-per-view sporting events. You can find it in HD on channel 455. 


You can stream a welcoming fireplace video from Xfinity on their web portal. This will require you to use a smart TV or other device connected to the internet. 


While U-Verse by AT&T used to have a Yule log program on channel 400, it was canceled a few years ago. Now U-Verse customers have to go On-Demand to channel 1000 to view the Yule log. 


Comcast has 26 holiday fireplace variations available On-Demand! Some of these include a classic log-in-fireplace, winter-themed scenes, Santa Radar, and Yule Dog.

The Yule Log program can be found under Top Picks>>Yule Log & More (or Yule Log & More HD). Comcast offers standard definition, HD, and 3D versions of The Yule Log. 

Find the Yule log program On-Demand with Comcast:

  1. Select On-Demand
  2. Go to the Holiday Moviethon folder
  3. Select Yule Log
  4. Select More for 26 other versions

The Yule Log can also be found occasionally on channels 857 and 507. 

For another holiday bonus, Comcast also has Christmas-inspired screensavers! 


Verizon offers two holiday fireplace variations: one with Christmas music and one with crackling fire sounds. These are both available On-Demand. Channel 224 has a fireplace showing, but it’s in SD. However, there’s a method to get HD.

Find the holiday fireplace On-Demand with Verizon:

  1. Go to Menu
  2. Go to On-Demand
  3. Go to TV shows by genre
  4. Go to Ambient (or Ambient HD)
  5. There you will find the program listed either as Fireplace or Yule Log. 

Verizon’s streaming platform, Fios, also has some Yule log options, including Country Christmas, Kittens, and Chanukah Night. 


If you have Bell Satellite TV, go to channel 285 for The Fireplace. A different show, The Yuletide Fireplace, can be found on channel 1060. 


Rogers TV has a fireplace show on channels 165 and 265. 


Shaw’s fireplace channel is 165 for standard definition and 222 for HD. Shaw Direct customers can go to 299 for SD and 955 for HD. Also, Shaw provides a free 48-hour fireplace program for all customers on December 24 & 25 on channel 10. 


This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that WPIX still broadcasts the original Yule Log recording to the New York City area by satellite on channel 11. The video quality doesn’t hold a candle to some of the newer versions it inspired, but the nostalgia is good. 

Other Ways To Turn Your TV Into a Virtual Fireplace

a virtual fireplace on my tv

If you have joined other “cord-cutters” by leaving traditional satellite and cable TV in favor of internet-based streaming services, there are still plenty of options to turn your screen into a virtual fireplace this holiday season.

Whether you use a computer or a smart TV, apps like Netflix and Disney+ have you covered. Here’s how to find festive fireplaces on the most popular streaming services. 


netflix yule log video
Fireplace for Your Home on Netflix, Image source: Netflix

Netflix has three 1-hour versions of their holiday fireplace special, Fireplace for Your Home.

The original displays a full-length video (not a looped video like the original Yule Log) with Yule logs burning in the fireplace to the tune of Christmas music.

The Birchwood Edition features attractive birch branches, which are smaller and need to be replaced more frequently. This version does not have music.

The Classic Edition is similar to the original because it uses large Yule-style logs in the fire, but like the birchwood version, it also lacks music. 

The easiest way to find Fireplace for Your Home is through the search function.

  1. Go to Search
  2. Type in “fireplace”
  3. Select Fireplace for Your Home

Here’s the direct link to Fireplace for Your Home on Netflix.


YouTube has countless fireplace and Yule log videos available all year long. They vary in length and definition.

Some have Christmas music while others do not. You may need to be selective about which video you pick, as many YouTube channels now have ads placed before and during their videos, which will ruin the effect of having a fireplace on your screen. 

Here’s how to use YouTube to turn your screen into a virtual fireplace:

  1. Go to or the YouTube app on your smart TV
  2. Go to Search
  3. Type in “yule log” or “fireplace”
  4. Select a video to play from the search results. The most popular results will be multiple hours long and will be in HD. 
  5. To check the video for advertisements, hover your cursor over the control panel at the bottom of the video. Ad placement will be marked with little dividers along the video progress bar. 
  6. Set the video to full screen by selecting the icon on the bottom right of the video’s controls. If you are using a computer, you can also press F on your keyboard to go full screen.

To save you the search, here’s one of my favorite fireplace videos on YouTube:

Pro-Tip: If you have a 4k TV, look for a fireplace YouTube video in 4k resolution. Make sure to manually select this resolution in the settings, so it’s not throttled down. The video quality makes a huge difference.

Amazon Prime

Amazon has a 10-hour Yule Log stream called Yule Log Christmas Fireplace 10 Hours. There’s also another, shorter video (which is still over 4 hours) with piano music called Christmas Fireplace: Virtual Yule Log stream. These can both be found easily by searching “Christmas Fireplace” in the search bar.

Some other options such as Crackling Fireplace and Fireplace, but they don’t appear to be available in the US.


Arendelle castle yule log on disney+
Arendelle Castle Yule Log, Image Source: Disney+

For families with younger kids, Disney+ has a holiday fireplace video set in Arendelle Castle from the Frozen movies.

With movie details like the royal family crest above the fireplace, this Christmas Yule log video is a great compromise between kids who are obsessed with Frozen and their parents who want a relaxing virtual fireplace.

Here’s the link to the Arendelle Castle Yule Log video on Disney+.


For fans of How to Train Your Dragon, Hulu has a themed fireplace that features characters from these movies, called Snoggletog Log. You can join Hiccup, Astrid, and Toothless in their cozy home as a fire roars in their fireplace.

Find this video by searching for “Snoggletog Log”, “How to Train Your Dragon”, or “Fireplace” on Hulu.

To watch the original broadcast, go to, WPIX’s website. They make the video accessible every year around Christmas time. 

Happy Holidays!

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